Vitrogres – a Spanish manufacturer, whose product range includes glass mosaics, mosaic tiles, decorative glass tiles, and pool tiles. A wide range of colours, surface finishes and mosaic shapes and sizes.

VitroGres glass mosaic is intended for walls and floors, as a covering, decoration or accent. This is a high-quality material with superb resistance to weather conditions.

Given that neither time, chemicals nor living organisms are able to damage Vitrogres glass mosaic, it is perfectly suitable for designing bathrooms, saunas and pools.

In addition to different patterns, the glass mosaic also offers texture. By using different compositions, it is easy to add character and uniqueness to the surface without disrupting the homogeneity of the surrounding environment.

VitroGres offers mosaic tiles in a diverse range of sizes and colours. Furthermore, customers can order a mosaic picture based on their own drawing or idea. By using different product combinations, aesthetically beautiful and highly decorative solutions can be achieved.