A thing created by goodwill never loses its original values

Jacuzzi® massage bathtub – a unique idea that has improved the lives of many people was not born merely by chance, but by the desire to do good. Seven brothers who, in search of happiness, had traveled from Friuli, Italy to Berkeley, California worked for years mixing water and air to learn fluid mechanics. Thereafter they built pumps, propellers and even planes – it was indeed an inventors' family! But then one of the Jacuzzi boys was subjected to daily physiotherapy sessions. One brother came up with a smart idea of ​​how to overcome the problem. He created a clock-shaped device, which was placed in the bathtub and that shot jets of water and air with a massaging effect. And the prototype of the Jacuzzi® hydro-massage bathtub was born. A great idea had taken shape...

A healthy habit

Today, the world-famous Jacuzzi® hydro-massage bathtub is the result of the natural advancement of the idea – Roy Jacuzzi gave this great concept its ultimate form and constructed a system linking bathtubs with massaging water jets. The scientific principles of the system still serve as the basis for all the Jacuzzi product models. Their ultimate task is always the same: to create an authentic sense of well-being.

How can a simple water jet contain so many benefits? That our daily bath represents the most basic form of hydro-therapy can be considered a proven fact. However, the Jacuzzi® whirlpool bathtub guarantees a sense of well-being in a quicker and more effective way. Water jets incorporating air with a temperature of around 37°C stimulate blood circulation and oxygen uptake and improve skin and muscle tone.

250 patents for fulfilling a dream

Those who believe that the Jacuzzi® hydro-massage is simply an skilfully guided interaction between air bubbles and water, do not even realise that it actually represents the highest level of technology and design art. For over 40 years, the Jacuzzi® company has been working on its main concept, which has been widely copied, but which nevertheless has never been bettered. To date, this continuous evolutionary process has resulted in more than 250 international patents. Therefore, all models inherently reflect the Jacuzzi® guiding principle: high reliability and excellent performance. The bathtubs are individually tested. All bathtubs leaving the production line are provided with an 'identity card' – a signed certificate that guarantees that your Jacuzzi® is of high quality. Such high standards are not easy to maintain, but your well-being in water remains our sole true goal.

Great superiority

As mentioned, the Jacuzzi® hydro-massage bathtub is an integrated system in which the combination of design and functionality ensures you relax and feel good.

Let's look at its construction. The bathtub itself is deeper than ordinary bathtubs to allow the body to fully immerse into the water and enjoy the positive effects of water jets.

In the bathtub's exterior design, we focus on beauty and attractiveness, while, in the interior, on its hydro-massage function.

The effectiveness of the hydro-massage depends on many factors: the position and direction of the nozzles, as well as the design of the tub wall panels, contribute to optimal water circulation.

The water jets impact precisely those parts of the body that need it the most, i.e. the lumbar region, feet and hips. These, however, never massage directly, but from certain angles, as strong pressure from the front slows down the peripheral blood circulation and instead of benefiting, can harm the body. The pressure from water jets is regulated so that they stimulate the tissues whilst gently increasing their tone. Naturally, each Jacuzzi® hydro-massage bathtub user can also adjust all the nozzles to find the most suitable massage intensity. If you use the Jacuzzi bathtub as a regular bath, the total closure of the nozzles prevents water drainage.

The Jacuzzi® system removes water automatically. This means that all the water will be removed from the system. Furthermore, Jacuzzi® also produces hydro-massage baths, which are equipped with a special 'thorough' disinfection system.

Jacuzzi® hydro-massage is life-long

Jacuzzi® hydro-massage should not be experienced merely as a short relaxation but rather as a daily habit for life. That is precisely why Jacuzzi® bathtubs are designed to last a lifetime. A smart choice becomes a great long-term investment.

These specifications and features are non-binding on Jacuzzi Europe Spa, the company retains the right to change this policy without notice.


In the Orient, it is widely believed that the entire universe is filled with dynamic energy expressed as two simultaneously complementary and exclusive forces.

Traditional Chinese medicine is exclusively based on finding a balance between the two forces, which alternate in repetitive destructive and restoring cycles, with the ultimate goal of bringing the body into the state of utmost balance. The Chinese discovered that our life energy (or QI as they call it) flows through the body through a series of channels, the so-called meridians, which in a sense represent electric chains that feed different organs.

By stimulating the important points on these meridians, it is possible to distribute the internal energy in a way that maintains the delicate balance in the body.

Acupuncture is based on the very same principle. In Feudal Japan, the Samurai used certain specific massaging techniques for overcoming fatigue and relieving pain. This technique is known as An/Ma – giving and taking might. As a result of the mixing of Japanese traditions and Chinese culture, a treatment method largely based on the acupuncture principles was born. This method became known as shiatsu or 'pressing with fingers'.

With proper technique, shiatsu can be used for restoring and also maintaining the body's energy balance and rhythm, thereby providing the body with authentic and excellent health benefits. In Oriental medicine, shiatsu is widely recognised as a form of alternative therapy, which can bring truly astonishing results.

Through bearing in mind shiatsu's healing effect, a thoughtful mind wondered whether the same effect could be achieved by directing tiny jets of water towards the body's meridians.

This 'thoughtful mind' was the inventor of home-based hydrotherapy and the world's foremost expert on the benefits of water – Jacuzzi.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of technology experts and the guidance and advice of one of Europe's leading practitioners of acupuncture and shiatsu massage, it was established that, from a scientific point of view, Jacuzzi's idea was well substantiated.

After years of research and testing, Jacuzzi reached the point where the J-SHA system – the HYDROMASHIATSU whirlpool bathtub - had achieved perfection. The J-SHA hydro-massage system is based on two parallel rows of nozzles positioned at the rear end of the tub along the meridian, known as VU. This meridian runs on both sides of the vertebral column and contains points that increase the tone of all organs in the human body.

A total of 32 nozzles throw out a stream of tiny water jets that stimulate all points in the back and lumbar region of the meridian with the same gradual pressure as that of the fingers of a skilled masseur.

The pressure is regulated by a complex electric-hydraulic system that creates a very effective water jet or, to be more precise, a series of 'rolling' presses that have the same effect as the finger pressure in shiatsu.

This massage can be performed in two directions – from the bottom up (for a toning effect) or from top to bottom (for relaxation).

J-SHA allows the user to choose a preset program that best corresponds to their body weight and age. The programs can be also changed by using an electronic control panel situated on the bathtub's side.

With its superb and unique J-SHA bathtub, Jacuzzi® has succeeded in making the benefits of an ancient Eastern wisdom available to everyone. In addition to the pleasure of relaxation of a hydro-massage, the bathtub also provides the healing effect of an Oriental massage.

From the multi-functional Twin to the refined and complex Flexa, the multitude of models and opportunities can, without constraints, meet all your wishes

The ever-expanding range of Jacuzzi® hydro systems, along with an endless range of functions, accessories and equipment installed upon request, allow you to discover the most diverse and pleasant sensations. There is only one thing that will never change – the great expertise of Jacuzzi®.

Safety is another constant feature – even the crystals, sharpened in accordance to strict rules, are safe because Jacuzzi® has always been installing these into all of its products, complying with each of the stringent European rules. All commands can be performed using a single electronic control panel that is easy to follow and use. To activate a function, a simple press on a few keys is sufficient.

Vertical hydro-massage – one of Jacuzzi's® smart inventions

Jacuzzi® has provided all its shower cubicles and most of its Twin models with a water jet system whose massaging effect is equal to that of the classic whirlpool massage bathtub, where, in most cases, users need to immerse themselves fully into the water. The massage in the shower box is vertical, and offers users the opportunity to benefit from the changing impact of programmed water jets that revitalise your skin, raise its tone and stimulate blood circulation. The water jets massage intensely and can be also specifically directed to certain parts of the body. The effectiveness of the massage derives from the combination of 12 or 16 high-pressure water jets. The nozzles have been installed in a vertical sequence to a special shower wall, and activate in groups of four and in alternating cycles. The possibility to adjust the direction and intensity of the water jets, turn off some of the nozzle groups and change the alteration speed of the cycles gives you the opportunity to enjoy a truly 'personalised' massage.

Massages carried out with the help of a water pump, which powerfully directs each jet, ensuring stimulation localised with the utmost precision, are called turbo-massage by Jacuzzi. The pump is connected to a water tank – this system supplies all water jets with an adequate and even stream, even if the pressure in your water supply system is insufficient.

Several Flexa models include hydro-massage options for the back. You can sit in the bathtub and enjoy high-pressure water jets, which jointly and thoroughly massage those parts of the body where the tensions of the day are most evident.