Steam saunas and shower boxes

Steam saunas and shower boxes

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Steam sauna – technology and naturalness

This ancient method of using water for treatment and enjoyment should definitely not be missing from your sauna. Not only does the steam sauna act as a mood booster, doctors also recommend the sauna for the treatment and prevention of various illnesses. Jacuzzi™ has chosen to devote its attention to the development of the steam sauna technology rather than that of the Finnish sauna as the former is more gentle and common to the Mediterranean culture. Without doubt, the latter is known for its widespread and tempting tradition of taking even greater pleasure in life. You will go through your personal steam-bathing session in a comfortable seated position and enjoy the extremely beneficial and pleasant scents released into the air by a special odour spray.  

Cascade shower – a true shower of life

Against one wall of the shower cabin there is a niche with a backrest and a comfortable seat. Whilst sitting in this niche, you can embark on an energising experience offered by a waterfall shower resulting from a stream of water emerging from one or two rows of nozzles situated at the top of the niche. This waterfall falls freely on your shoulders and neck area. Initially, before enveloping your entire body under itself, the water falls on these parts of the body. The effect of the shower is extremely strong and results in an immediate and complete sense of well-being. The function can be activated with a single keystroke, the very same key is also used for switching off the waterfall.

Rotating shower – stimulating spirals of pleasure

The rotating system consists of three adjustable shafts, which force out stimulating spiralling water jets that bring about a deep sense of well-being. Their speed of rotation depends on the pressure of your water supply system.

Scottish shower – revitalises the whole body

When a warm water massage alleviates tension and relaxes your muscles, a single cold chill is enough for restoring mental and physical vigour. And the combination of hot and cold water jets gives an even better effect. This is an early suggestion by abbot Sebastian Kneipp, a well known healer of the 17th century, who rediscovered and brought back the value of this traditional treatment method. By simple commands and thanks to numerous nozzles you can change the alteration speed and intensity of cold and hot water as you desire.

Outstanding and precise details and valuable individual items

  • Thanks to a thermostatic mixer, you can choose the perfect temperature for yourself and maintain it, no matter what function you choose to activate.
  • Roof ceiling (Turbo, Turco, and TT version) does not let water vapour escape into the surrounding environment. If you wish, you can also open the ceiling – in this case, the windows will not become covered with steam.
  • Thanks to the seat, children and older people can also feel comfortable in the shower box. Slip-resistant flooring helps to prevent accidents.
  • To save space, the cubicle has a sliding door.
  • Several models come with a doored depository for bathrobes. Finally, you can undress and dry yourself in the shower cubicle, and do not have to step out from it while still wet and risk getting cold.
  • The most recent feature is the constant steam climate, which allows you to fully utilise the benefits of the vapour – the fan helps to keep the cubicle's steam temperature stable.
  • A special device allows you to divert the primary water jet so that you can comfortably test whether the water temperature is correct.

Accessories for the pleasure of the senses

Some Jacuzzi™ shower cubicles are equipped with a stereo radio – try it! When you listen to one of the six programmed AM/FM radio channels, you will be continually surprised by the quality, accuracy and power of its sound. At the same time, you can enjoy something exclusive, by selecting your favourite among the scents the odour spray will release into the cubicle.

The comfort and uniqueness of Flexa models – a phone and a mighty waterfall

Several shower cubicles can also be equipped with a phone. The microphone and two loudspeakers in the middle of the cabin wall allow you talk without the use of your hands. The system works through a switch that has been connected to your phone line.

Unlike other models merely equipped with a 'dripping' cascade shower, Flexa Tower shower cubicle and Flexa Twin combined model also offer a refreshing 'power waterfall'. The water jet is extremely powerful, with a flow rate of around 170 litres per minute. The water jet stems from a single nozzle and, whilst showering in your normal position, the jet falls on your shoulders. But when you move yourself, the jet falls on that part of the body where you want it to be directed. The system works with both hot and cold water, thus having a manifold – relaxing, curative or toning – effect. The main advantage of the system is that the water will not be wasted, but redirected back into the circuit system via a pump. This results in significant water and energy savings.                    

Easily and elegantly fits into your bathroom

The installation process of a Jacuzzi™ shower cubicle does not differ significantly from that of a standard shower cubicle. Only the electrical connections are somewhat different. The cubicles do not require additional support – the bottom is attached to a metal base, which also allows the quick installation of all other individual items.

Descaling system

This function, the activation of which is indicated by a signal lamp on the indicator, allows the regular descaling of the steam sauna's heater with a special liquid poured into a container. Such safety and excellent performance is one of the most attractive features a shower cubicle can offer.