Imola Ceramica

Imola Ceramica

Imola Ceramica, founded in 1874, is one of Italy's largest and oldest ceramics manufacturers.

The company is characterized by cutting-edge design and its wide range of products – from bathroom to facade tiles and flooring for shopping malls. Imola Ceramica is a renowned new technology innovator in tile production. The level they have achieved makes it almost impossible to distinguish between artificial and natural stone.

In tile design, besides ceramics, the use of glass, wood, metal and other innovative materials has become increasingly popular. Stones with new textures are constantly being created (e.g. brick wall imitation). The collections include a huge range of mosaic tiles for covering curved surfaces, forming narrow borders and adding accents to the floor or bathroom.

Imola Ceramica is a large-scale producer with extensive stock. Thus, any ordered product is promptly delivered. Most of the products are also available in our warehouse.

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