Wermstock AS

AS Wermstock was established in 1992 and is 100% based on Estonian capital. We were one of the first companies to import and distribute ceramic tiles and sanitaryware on the Estonian market. In the early years, our main suppliers were from Italy and the Czech Republic. Today, we also have a large number of suppliers from Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, and many other countries. Our product range has also increased significantly – in addition to ceramic tiles and sanitaryware, we offer a wide range of glass mosaics, bathroom furniture, mixers, shower systems, concealed frames, drain systems, bathtubs, shower cubicles, radiators, massage baths, steam saunas, etc.

From the very beginning, our guiding principle has been to offer our customers high-quality products that we use ourselves and are also ready to recommend to our friends. Over the years, we have developed a high level of cooperation with Estonian architects, interior designers and builders. We also enjoy excellent cooperation with major building materials retailers who sell our products in their stores all over Estonia.

Wermstock's mission is to provide the best personalised service and advice in choosing quality products from our wide range to all our clients.

We aim to be the best supplier of ceramic tiles and sanitaryware in Estonia.


Agu Anok
Sales consultant
Telefon: +372 651 8316
Andres Tulp
Project manager
Telefon: +372 651 8316
GSM: +372 511 4483
Eve Teppan
Project manager (resell and development)
Telefon: +372 651 8317
GSM: +372 520 1322
Merle Lember
Project manager
Telefon: +372 651 8316
GSM: +372 501 6127
Teet Teeääre
Sales Director
Telefon: +372 651 8317
GSM: +372 508 4668
Teet Kolts
Board member
Telefon: +372 651 8315